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At Cooltree™, our services begin immediately at contract signing. Working with our Project Manager in the cloud, all parties involved on the project have a single source for information, scheduling and constant contact with all members on their project. Let our experienced staff perform the upfront planning and ongoing coordination necessary to ensure worry-free completion of your project. On time. Every time.

Cooltree Innovation

Known for innovation, Cooltree™ skillfully intermingles forward-thinking technology with time-honored craftsmanship. The end result? Remarkable, custom engineered healthcare furnishings that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to your bottom line. If you have a casegood size or style that you have not been able to find, contact Cooltree. We love a good challenge!

Our qualifications

Artisans by nature, we’re perfectly adept at crafting exceptional, value-conscious furniture that fully realizes your functional and aesthetic vision—while appealing to the cost sensibilities of an ever-demanding healthcare environment. We have worked for some demanding healthcare customers and delivered to their expectations. Contact us for references.

Client Testimonials

The service we were provided was exceptional. Their product was intelligently designed, easy to install, and of superior quality.”

No matter what our needs were, they were always handled promptly and effectively from start to finish. 

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1089 Allen Street
Jamestown, NY, USA 14701
Mon. to Fri. 9am to 5pm

Coolest New Thing

Who doesn’t like to know what the next coolest thing is? At Cooltree we do. We draw inspiration from new ideas from anywhere. That is why we designed the communicaton desk. It is the answer to the desk cluttered with charging cords and not enough easily obtainable outlets to plug into. It follows the universal design concept of being user friendly to all humans, no matter what their physical and mental capabilities are. And it is a space saving design, allowing it to fit where traditional desks could not go. Click here to read more about the Coolest New Thing

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